Seamless Solid Surface Worktops Woodhill Fold


Premium Quality Bespoke Solid Surface Fabrication Woodhill Fold

Working with both residential customers requiring a new kitchen or bathroom solid surface worktop to furnishing bars, restaurants, offices, reception areas and large new build projects with solid surface countertops, centre pieces, reception desks, etc for our commercial customers, we understand that no two projects are the same. We also understand that each client is as unique as each project and set about every one of our projects with the idea of bespoke craftsmanship.

Specialists In All Things Solid Surface

Having more than 20 years practical experience in producing and fitting top quality bespoke solid surface worktops and countertops all over the UK, and with thousands of delighted customers, the chances are that you’ve actually come upon our work as we are trusted by many of the worlds top organisations to produce and fit bespoke seamless worksurfaces.

Client Driven Approach

As a service provider our attitude towards projects is to produce just what YOU, the customer, is expecting.
” A high quality, value for money, on time project which is completed in the budget”

Envy Worksurfaces have the services you are looking for, regardless of whether it is just cut solid surface sheets and panels, through to inspired innovations. All of it begins with a sole sheet of Solid Surface!

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Realise Your Design Aspiration With Endless Adaptability

As authorised fabricators for the top solid surface worktop companies, which includes Staron, Corian, Hi-Macs and Tristone you can feel assured that our work will be of the highest possible standard.

Using exact fabrication and workmanship we’ve the capability to make the joins completely invisible, which theoretically means you could get the material in virtually any size, length or form.

Our team are specialists in thermoforming, or shaping the solid surface into the style you are requiring. Its these kinds of processes which makes Solid Surface much more adaptive in comparison to various other stones such as Marble or Granite.

It can be formed in to any style that you can think of and you could save as much as 60% as your solid surface design will be made in our plant and could be fitted by our very highly expert fitting staff.

An Extensive Variety Of Solid Surface Types And Colours

We work with a wide variety of different Solid Surface materials, including Staron, Corian, Hi-Macs and Tristone. Having an ever evolving range of finishes and colours this leads to in excess of 600 specific designs that can be used on your job. From Marble-esque styles, to Concrete, Translucents to Particulates, and the plain but impressive solid colour effects. Regardless of what your craving or design intent there is guaranteed to be a finish that satisfies your desire.

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