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LG Hi-Macs definitely is one of the top solid surface materials on the marketplace at present it is a fantastic solid surface material which has a combination of natural minerals, pigments and acrylic which produce this attractive solid surface material. It delivers all of the advantages of stone worktops, such as quartz, granite, marble and more, however being combined with acrylic, it creates a worktop that is far away beyond the conventional work top materials because of its versatility and the fact that it is completely non-porous, has the option of seamless joins makes it absolutely hygienic. Compared with the natural stone alternatives, it does not harbour bacteria and germs, it will not stain, and it needs almost no upkeep.

What Are The Top Qualities Of Hi-Macs Solid Surface Countertops?

It is heat resistant, although similar to all worktops, it is not a great idea to leave very hot saucepans straight from your oven or cooker down on to the top Hi-macs could be used around the top of your cooker and as a splashback at the back of it. It will not be harmed by any hot fat splashing onto it, just clean it off with a damp cloth.

Hi-Macs is impervious to chemicals, and its non-porous smooth surface means that you can spill pretty much anything you want onto your countertop, with no concern of it tarnishing its surface. It also satisfies all the good hygiene requirements needed and is, therefore, one of the prefered solid surface materials used in surgeries, schools, laboratories, universities. It also complies with the international LGA and NSF standards.

There is also a fire resistant HI-Macs sheet material in the market which is ideal for shipbuilding and has already been acknowledged by the IMO certificate released from the Marine Equipment Directive. LG HI-Macs withstood all of the relevant assessments needed and satisfies for instance the German Class 1B criteria for fire protection and countless other certificates which speaks volumes for the quality of this excellent solid surface material.

If you cut or scratch your Hi Macs countertop, as the colour is all the way through the material you can simply rub it down then you won’t be able to see that it had been marked.

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What Hi-Mac Colour Styles Are Available

The Hi Macs solid surface sheets come in up to 100 magnificent colour themes from the plain solid colours up to the wonderful Galaxy and Volcanics range of colours. Hi-macs also supply a range of sinks which are provided in their Nougat Cream or Alpine White colours. Their brand new Mixa style sinks which have LG Hi-macs sides, giving that free-flowing impression from the work top and into the sink but, has a stainless-steel base are readily available to buy in any colour of your choice.

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Your Hi-Macs Worktop Fitting Manchester

Not only has Hi Macs been installed in numerous residential kitchens around the world, but it is also been installed in bars, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, airport check-in desks, and lots of other situations when a worktop is needed that is thoroughly hygienic, durable, and additionally stunning to look at.

As our fabricators can form the material in to literally any shape that you desire, it has the ability to accomplish any purpose which you need it to, not just basic kitchen or bathroom worktops. You can create a shop counter, wall cladding, a hotel, office reception desk, complete bar, or any one of numerous other projects. In other words, if you can visualize it, our Hi Macs fabricators are able to make it.

When used as a kitchen work top, Hi Macs may be produced with a great selection of edges, like bull-nosed, shark-nosed, waterfall effect, single bevel, single ovolo, single round, single Spanish, square, double round and lots of other ones.

Used as a draining board, Hi Macs has the ability to have tapered grooves, straight grooves or angled grooves as you want.

Creative designers have the ability to use Hi Macs to produce bowls and sinks in a huge assortment of different sizes and shapes. Sinks could be single or double, bowls and wash basins for the bathroom could be any shape and size that you wish.

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